Adding and managing vault Co-Owner

Learn how to add and manage the Co-Owner of the vault.

What is a Co-Owner?    

A Co-Owner is a shared owner of the vault that can see and do everything in the vault just as the vault owner who created the vault. Note that there can only be one Co-Owner per vault.

How do I add a Co-Owner to the vault?    

There are a few different places within the vault where you can add a Co-Owner. The first is located when you log in and land on the dashboard. On the left side, choose Add a Co-Owner.

This will automatically send you to the Vault Settings where you can add the Co-Owner to the vault. You can also navigate to the Vault Settings from any screen in the vault by selecting the gear icon in the upper-right corner. Once on the Vault Settings, choose Co-Owner to display the screen for inviting a Co-Owner. Select an existing person in the vault by choosing the circle to the right of the person’s name. A modal will display the person’s name and email address. Confirm that the email is correct and select Invite to send an invitation to that user or Cancel to return to the Co-Owner screen. The contact card will show “Pending” until the user accepts the invitation. If the user is not yet a contact in the vault, scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose the Invite a Co-Owner button. Enter the first and last name, relation, and email address and select Invite to send an invitation or Cancel to return to the Co-Owner screen. 

 Invitations are valid for 10 days. If you have invited a Co-Owner to your vault and they have not accepted the invitation in that time, you will need to resend an invitation. 

What can a Co-Owner see and do?    

Co-Owners have most of the same rights and privileges as the vault owner does. They can see all vault items and any related notes, related items, or media associated with each vault item. Their access to items in the vault cannot be removed while that person is still the Co-Owner. Additionally, Co-Owners can also access and change vault settings such as the vault name. The primary limitation of a Co-Owner is that they are unable to remove or otherwise delete the owner of the vault. Additionally, a Co-Owner can’t edit or change themselves as Co-Owner of the vault. Only the vault owner can make such changes. Co-Owners only have access to their individual account settings, and can’t change any other vault user settings, such as an owner’s email or password.

Can I remove a Co-Owner?    

Yes, Co-Owners can be removed from the vault. They can either be removed completely and have no access to the vault, or they can be made a regular invited user, depending on preference. When a Co-Owner has been removed, they are returned to an invited user and only have access to any items that they added to the vault. Any other items will need to be shared with them to give them access. To remove a Co-Owner, navigate to Vault Settings and then choose Co-Owner.

Select Remove Selected Co-Owner and then on the modal, choose Remove to complete the process, or Cancel to close the modal without making any changes.