A Vault Owner can select someone in their vault and make them a Co-Owner. A Co-Owner has access to all items that a Vault Owner has access to and with a few exceptions, can also do all the things that a Vault Owner can do.


Adding a Co-Owner to a vault 

Only an owner of a vault can add a Co-Owner. Co-Owners can be added by selecting the gear icon at the top navigation menu. The Vault Owner can then select the Co-Owner menu item to see a list of all the people that have been added to the vault. 

The Vault Owner can choose any of these people to be a Co-Owner of their vault by choosing the selection circle next to the person. You can also use the Invite Co-Owner button on this page to invite a new user to your vault as a Co-Owner. 

When someone is selected, the Vault Owner will be required to complete two steps to successfully invite them to be a Co-Owner. 

  1. The Vault Owner must either invite the person to their vault (if they have not yet done so) OR, if they have already accepted a previous invitation to their vault, they must confirm that they wish to invite this person to be a Co-Owner. 
  2. The Vault Owner must include their own phone number. This is required in case they need to be contacted in the event there is ever a question regarding the custody of their vault. 

Each vault can have only one Co-Owner. 


Accepting a Co-Owner invitation 

If someone has been invited to be a Co-Owner, they will receive a Co-Owner invitation email. The user can choose to accept the invitation if they wish. If the user does not yet have a Prisidio account, they will be required to create a free Prisidio account as a part of this process. 

Once the user successfully accepts the invitation and logs in to Prisidio, they will be required to accept the Co-Owner invite from the banner message in the application. 

The Co-Owner must specify their phone number as a part of this process. This is required in case they need to be contacted in the event there is ever a question regarding the custody of the vault. 

For security purposes, vault invitations and Co-Owner invitations will expire in 10 days.


What can a Co-Owner do?

Co-Owners can see any vault items that the Vault Owner can see. Any item added to the vault is automatically shared with the Co-Owner.

A Co-Owner can add any items they wish to the vault. They also have the ability to add content such as videos, pictures, and notes to those items as well. 

A Co-Owner can edit any items they can access. They can edit details to items or rename them. They will NOT be able to edit anyone’s notes. 

A Co-Owner can delete any item they have access to including any content such as videos, pictures, and notes. 

Co-Owners can add reminders and link related items.


What can a Co-Owner not do?

Co-Owners have most of the same rights and privileges that the Vault Owner has. They do not have the ability to manage the Vault Owner’s account; meaning, they cannot take actions like change profile information, edit notifications, or modify billing settings. 

A Co-Owner cannot modify their permissions in the Vault Owner’s vault or remove themselves as Co-Owner. 

They have no ability to change the Vault Owner’s email login or password. 


Removing Co-Owner permissions 

Only a Vault Owner can remove Co-Owner permissions. To do this, the Vault Owner should return to the Co-Owner section under vault settings and choose to remove the Co-Owner assignment from the Co-Owner.