Add things to a vault

Learn how to add things to your vault

How do I add things to my vault?

From the Dashboard, navigate to the Things tab. Select the + Add button in the bottom right corner of the screen to open a modal. Enter a name for your thing and an approximate value. When finished, select the Save button. From a mobile device, when you select the + button you will have the option of capturing a picture of your thing or adding from a saved image on your device. Your thing will now be entered into your vault.

How do I add a picture of my thing?

While using Prisidio on the web, add an image of your thing by choosing the icon on the main image above the name of your thing. A modal window will allow you to select the image file of your thing. Once selected, choose Open. The image you selected should now appear for your thing.

How do I remove the picture of my thing?

To remove the image of your thing, choose the icon on the main image above the name and type of your thing. Choose Remove Photo and a message will confirm that your image has been removed.

How do I change the details of my thing?

Select the thing you wish to change the details for. In the bottom right corner of the screen, choose Edit Details. The modal will allow you to change any of the details of the thing. When finished, choose Save.

How do I remove a thing from my vault?

While in the Things section, choose the item you wish to remove. Select the three-dot symbol and choose Delete. A modal will appear with a confirmation required to remove your thing from the vault. Choose Delete to remove or Cancel to return. You will then see a confirmation your thing was removed.