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Add photos and videos, crop photos

Learn how to add photos and video, and crop photos for the people, places, and things in the vault

Where do I add photos or videos for items in the vault?

Begin by selecting the person, place, or thing you would like to add photos for. From the Media section, choose the + Add Photo or Video link. You will be prompted to select Add with Camera or Add from Photo Library. Add with Camera will allow you to take new photographs and video while Add from Photo Library will provide you with the ability to add photos and videos that are already on your device to the vault.

To take new photos or video, choose Add with Camera. Your mobile device may ask you for permission to utilize the camera and access any photos from your device. This will need to be allowed for full functionality. By default, when you select Add with Camera, your device will show the camera for a single photograph. To switch to taking a video of your person, place, or thing, make sure to choose the video setting for your device to switch from a photograph. When you've completed the video or taken the photo, you can preview your media and can either Retake, or Use Photo to add to the Media section of your person, place, or thing.

What is the gallery view?

You can upload multiple photos and videos to your Media section for each person, place, and thing in the vault. These items are available in a Gallery view that you can view in both the web and on your mobile device. Select one of the available photos or videos that you have added for your item to browse between them. Use the arrows to move left and right to browse your photos and videos.

When can I crop a photo?

Photos that are the main image for a person, place, or thing can be cropped to better fit the main image space. If you are using a mobile device, when you add a person, place, or thing you will have the option to add a photo when first adding that item to the vault. When you choose + Add a Photo or Video, a modal will ask if you would like to take a photo with your camera or add an existing photo from your mobile device. Take a photo with your device or select an existing photo to enter the cropping screen.

Once you have created an item, there are two ways to enable cropping an photo. The first is to select the camera icon at the top of the item card pictured below. The second is to choose an item from the Media section and select the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the photo. A modal will open allowing you to Rename, Download, Set as Main Image, More Info, or Delete the photo. Select Set as Main Image, and you will be able to crop the photo before setting it as your main image.

How do I crop my photos?

Once you have either chosen the main image icon or selected an photo and chosen Set as Main Image, you will see your photo inside of a circle. This circle is the boundary of the cropping region that will be visible as the main image of your item. You can move the circle around your photo and zoom in or out to change the size of the circle. Once you have the appropriate photo in the cropping region, choose Save to enable the cropped photo or Cancel to return to your item. Note: if you have the original photo in your Media section, you will still be able to view the un-cropped photo there.

Is it possible to delete or remove photos and videos?

Yes, you can remove the photos or videos for a person, place, or thing. Select the photo or video and choose the three-dot icon to open a modal. Choose Delete, and then confirm that you would like to delete the photo or video to remove it from the item.