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Add photos and videos to your items

You can add information or context to your vault items by adding photos and videos to them.

Where do I add photos or videos for items in my vault?

While you can use our web application to browse your local device to locate photos and videos to add to your items, we highly recommend using our mobile application to add your photos and videos.

Select the person, place, or thing you would like to add photos or videos to. From the Photos and Videos section, choose the + Add Photo or Video link. You will be prompted to select Add Photo with CameraAdd Video with Camera or Add from Photo Library. 

Your mobile device may ask you for permission to utilize the camera or access your photo library.

What is the gallery view?

You can upload multiple photos and videos to the Photos and Videos section for any person, place, or thing in your vault. These items are available in a gallery view that you can view in both the web and on your mobile device. Select one of the available photos or videos that you have added for your item to browse between them. Use the arrows to move left and right to browse your photos and videos.

Is it possible to delete or remove photos and videos?

Yes, you can remove the photos or videos for a person, place, or thing. Select the photo or video, select the More icon and choose to delete.