Block someone from accessing your Vault

Learn how to block someone from accessing your Vault.

Note: You may need to enable notifications for the Prisidio app on your mobile device. This can be done on both iOS and Android under Device Settings.

What does it mean to block someone from my Vault?

For security purposes, the only individuals that can access items in your Vault are those that you have specifically invited. Only individuals that have been invited and accepted that invitation into your Vault can be blocked. Blocking someone prevents them from seeing any of the shared documents, people, places, or things that you've shared with them. If you have added a Co-Owner to your Vault, that individual can also block invited people from gaining access.

How do I block someone from my Vault?

There are multiple ways to quickly block someone from accessing your Vault. If you are currently logged in to your vault, navigate to the People section, and identify the person to block. Choose the 3-dot menu on the person card and then select Block. In the modal, select the Block button to complete the action or Cancel to return to the people section.

It is also possible to block a user in real-time when they attempt to access your Vault. If you have notifications enabled, you can follow the email link sent by Prisidio or block directly from the push notification on your mobile device. For instructions on enabling push notifications and email, see the section below.

Will blocked users be easy to identify?

When a user is blocked, the color band on their person card will be red. Text will appear on the person card noting that the user is blocked, along with the icon indicating their blocked status. 

Can I unblock someone from my vault?

Yes, simply select the 3-dot menu button for your blocked person and choose Unblock. When someone is unblocked from your Vault, they will regain access to any items that were shared with them prior to being blocked. If there are Vault items that you no longer wish to share with that person you will need to un-share them. See our knowledge base article on sharing here.

Is it possible to block myself as a vault owner?

It is not possible to block yourself as a Vault Owner. It is also not possible for a Vault Co-Owner to block a Vault Owner. Invited users in a Vault do not have permission to block or unblock someone from a Vault, and they also do not see the blocked status of anyone else.

Will I be notified if a blocked user tries to access my vault?

Yes! If you have notifications enabled, you will see all attempts to access your vault. To receive those notifications as either the Vault Owner or Co-Owner, choose the profile image or initials in the upper-right corner of the vault. Select Manage My Account, then choose Notifications. Select User Accessed Vault to view options. Choose the radio buttons for the various alert types you wish to receive. Push and In-App notifications will prompt on your mobile device, and Email will send an alert to the email address associated with your Prisidio account.


You may also need to enable notifications for the Prisidio app on your mobile device. This can be done on both iOS and Android under device settings.


Any vault access attempts will also be recorded in the Activity History of the Vault. If you do not have notifications enabled you won’t be immediately alerted to this activity, but that history is always available. While logged in to your Vault, select the Vault Settings gear icon in the top right of the screen and then choose Activity History. All attempted Vault access will be listed.