Changing your password

Keeping a vault secure relies on a strong, unique password.

Why should I change my password?

Routinely changing your password helps maintain security. A vault password should be unique and not used anywhere else.

How do I change my password?

While logged in to the vault, navigate to the upper right-hand corner and select the icon with your initials (or profile image) to find the Manage My Account option. Select it. From the left menu, choose Login and Security. Select the option to update your Password. First enter your current password into the first text box, and then create a new password that meets all the requirements and enter it into the following text box. When finished, choose Save in the lower right corner. A notification will display that the password was updated successfully.

What are the rules Prisidio requires for passwords?

One of the ways to keep the data in your vault safe is to utilize a strong password on your account. Passwords for Prisidio must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a minimum of 10 characters long.
  • Must be a maximum of 32 characters long.
  • Must contain at least 1 uppercase letter.
  • Must contain at least 1 lowercase letter.
  • Must contain at least 1 number.
  • Must contain at least 1 special character.