Delete documents from a vault

How do I delete documents from my vault?

In the Documents section, choose the document you wish to remove. Select the three-dot icon and choose Delete. A modal will appear with a confirmation required to remove your document from the vault. Choose Delete to remove or Cancel to return to your documents. A modal will confirm the document was removed.

Is removing a document permanent?

Yes, when a document is removed from your vault, it will no longer be available. The links, notes, or any other details regarding the document will also no longer remain.

Can I download documents from my vault?

Yes! In our web application, you can download documents to your local device. To download documents from your vault, navigate to the Documents section from the Dashboard. Choose the document you wish to download and select the three-dot menu icon and choose Download.

In our mobile app, you can select a document and then press the "share" or "open in" icon to choose which app you would like to share your document to.