Email documents

Learn how to email documents out of your vault.

What can I send to people out of my vault?

Any documents that you have within your vault can be emailed to the recipient(s) of your choosing.

How do I select documents to email them out of my vault?

Begin by navigating to the Documents section of your vault. In grid view, hover over the document you would like to email and select the circle in the upper-left corner to choose the document. If you are viewing your documents in list view, the circle will appear over the main image. Continue with any other documents you would like to email. When you have selected at least one document, an envelope icon will appear at the top of the list of your documents. Choose it to open the “Email Documents” modal.

From within the mobile app, you can select the document(s) you wish to send by long-pressing on each document until it is selected. The email icon will appear near the bottom of the screen.

You can also email a document individually by choosing the three-dot menu and selecting Email from the list of actions to open the email modal.

Once I’ve selected my documents, how do I send them?

Once you’ve selected the email icon, the modal will display requiring you to enter the email address(es) you would like to send the documents, an expiration period for how long the document(s) will be available, and finally a note explaining your document(s).

Enter the email address or addresses, provide an expiration period (after first open, 1 day, 7 days, or 15 days), and any pertinent information you would like to include. When complete, choose Send or Cancel to return to your documents. Once you’ve chosen Send, each email address will receive a link that provides access to the documents and expire based on your selection.

Where do I keep track of my email activity?

Each document will have a record of any emails sent in the individual item activity. Any documents that are emailed from the vault will also appear in in the Activity History visible on the dashboard.