Email documents

Use the email function to share documents with people you've not invited to your vault.

Email is a wonderful way to share your documents with people you do not wish to invite to your vault. When you email a document, the recipient will need to locate the email and click on the link to navigate to the document download page. The document will not be sent as an attachment.

How do I email documents out of my vault?

Begin by navigating to the Documents section of your vault. Locate the document you wish to email. Choose the three-dot icon and select Email. -OR you can also open the document and choose Email from the three-dot menu.

From within the mobile app, you can also select the document you wish to send by long-pressing on the document until the email option is available at the bottom of the app. 

Once you've chosen to email your document, add an email recipient and an optional message.

You will also be required to select a link expiration period. This controls how long the download link in the recipients email will be valid.

How does my email recipient download my document?

Your recipient will need to locate the email that you sent them. Once they click on the Open Link button, they will be directed to a landing page where they will be required to first send themself a security code via email. They will need to locate that email, take note of the confirmation code and then navigate back to the web page to enter it. Once the code has been verified, the recipient will be taken to a download page where they will be able to download the document you've emailed them.

Where do I keep track of my email activity?

Each document will have a record of any emails sent in the individual item activity. Any documents that are emailed from the vault will also appear in in the Activity History visible on the dashboard.