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Enable Biometrics

Quickly access the vault from a mobile device with biometrics.

Where do I enable biometrics on my device?

Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you will want to navigate to the Settings for the device. Usually, you will then want to choose Security. From there you can follow the onscreen instructions for your specific device to set up and enable biometrics. This step will need to be completed before you can enroll the Prisidio app in biometrics.

Enable Biometrics for iOS

Once you have completed setting up multi-factor authentication, the second time you log in to Prisidio on your iOS device, you will be prompted to enable biometrics on your device. Select either Enable Face ID or Enable Touch ID, depending on device, or Maybe Later to continue without enabling biometrics. Choosing Enable will send you to the Biometrics section of the vault. 


Enable Biometrics for Android

From an Android device, once you have completed the setup of multi-factor authentication, you can similarly enable biometrics on your device. Log in again to the vault and from the prompt, choose Enable Biometrics or Maybe Later. Choosing Enable will send you to the Biometrics section of the vault.


When biometrics has expired you will need to log in manually and future logins will be completed with biometrics.

Is it secure to use biometrics?

Biometric data, like fingerprints or a scan of your face are significantly more secure than a 4-digit passcode, or worse, no passcode for your device. To improve the ease of use and increase security, we recommend enabling biometrics on your mobile device.

Can I turn off biometrics?

Yes, to turn off biometrics for the Prisidio app, navigate to the vault icon in the upper-right corner. Press it, and then choose Manage My Account. Once you are on the account management screen, select Login and Security and then Biometrics. Slide the bar to the left so that the screen now says, “Enable Biometrics, Off.” With biometrics turned off, you will need to enter your username and password when logging in to the Vault. See the screenshot below for Face ID on an iOS device.