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Enable Biometrics

On your iOS or Android device, enable biometrics so you can easily and securely log in to Prisidio.

Upon your initial log ins to the mobile app on your iOS or Android device, you will be prompted to enable biometric login if you so choose. A biometric login allows you to use the biometric data you've saved on your device to log in to Prisidio, rather than your username and password.

You will need to ensure that Face ID or Touch ID is enabled on your respective device. You can review your biometric configuration by going to Settings on your device.

How do I turn on biometrics in the Prisidio app?

Navigate to Manage My Account by pressing on your initials or selected avatar. Choose Login and Security and then choose the biometric option available to you on your device. Toggle biometrics to On for your device. You can turn biometrics OFF at any point.


For security purposes, biometric login does expire. When it does, you will need to log in manually. After manual login, all future logins will again be managed through biometrics (until biometric login expires again).

Is it secure to use biometrics?

Biometric data, like fingerprints or a scan of your face are significantly more secure than a 4-digit passcode, or worse, no passcode for your device. To improve the ease of use and increase security, we recommend enabling biometrics on your mobile device.