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Filter vault activity

View and sort activities to see how you and others are interacting with vault items.

How do I view vault activity?    

When you first log in to the vault you will see the most recent activity on the dashboard. However, to see more specific vault activity you can navigate to individual items in the vault, as well. Select any document, person, place, or thing in the vault and then choose the Activity tab. From this tab you can see all the activity associated with that vault item. You can also see the specific vault activity of a particular user by navigating to the Activity tab for that user.

What criteria can I sort by?

While accessing the vault via the web you can search and sort vault activity based on a period of time or by a specific action. In order to sort by a particular period of time choose All Time and then select the appropriate period from the drop-down menu. Currently, you can search by All Time, Last 90 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 7 Days, and Last 24 Hours. To sort via a specific action taken in the vault, select All Activities and choose from the available actions. Currently, you can sort via the following actions: All Activities, Add, Update, Remove, Delete, Share, Watch, View, and Download.

Where can I search vault activity history?

While you can view the history of vault items by navigating to each individual item, you can also see all vault activities by navigating to Vault Settings, the gear icon in the top right corner.  Once you’re viewing the Vault Settings, choose Activity History to view all of the activity history for the vault. Search and sort as before by entering search terms and selecting an appropriate time and any specific activities.