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Notes for documents, people, places, & things

How do I keep track of important information for my documents, people, places, & things

What are notes?

Notes allow you to add important information about your documents, people, places, and things. The vault owner and co-owner can add notes. Invited users with shared access to that item can read any notes added for that item. You can also track information regarding the notes for an item by viewing the Activity history in the vault.

How do I add a note?

Navigate to the item that you would like to add a note for. Choose it to open the information card. Find the Notes section for that item and select the + New Note link to open the note modal. Each note is limited to 5000 characters, but you can add multiple notes for each item in the vault. When you’ve finished entering the note for your item, select Save or Cancel to discard. Once you’ve saved a new note you can return and edit it later as necessary.

Can I remove a note?

Yes. As with adding a note, navigate to the document, person, place, or thing you want to remove the note for and select it. In the Notes section, choose the note you wish to remove and select it to open the note. Find the three-dot symbol in the upper-right hand corner and select it. A modal will appear where you can choose Delete to remove the note from your item or Cancel. If you remove an item completely from the vault, all associated notes will also be permanently removed.