Be alerted to vault activity.

Enable notifications


Notifications will alert you to vault activity based on your preferences. As the Owner or Co-Owner of a vault, you can be notified when someone accesses your vault, when someone accepts an invitation to the vault, or any reminders you have created. There are also notifications for invited users that will allow them to know when an item from a vault is shared with them or if they've had their access to an item revoked. You can choose several different ways to be notified: email notifications, push notifications, or in-app notifications.

Enabling notifications can be completed by selecting Manage My Account from the image or initials in the top right corner of the screen, and then selecting Notifications


Notifications on Mobile

The first time you log in to Prisidio on your mobile device, you will be prompted to enable push and/or email notifications. Select either Enable Notifications or Maybe later. Choosing Enable Notifications will enroll that device to receive notifications. Navigate to the Notifications section of the vault to ensure notifications have been enabled on your device.

Device notifications are specific to the device that you’ve set them. If you've logged in to the Prisidio application on multiple mobile devices, you will need to enable or disable notifications on each device as you prefer.


You can enable push notifications via our web application, but will need to enroll your mobile device to receive these notifications. Make sure to download the mobile app for your device to get even more from Prisidio!


Can I turn off notifications on my mobile device?

To manage your notifications for the specific mobile device that you are using, log in to Prisidio on that device and select your image or initials in the upper right corner. Select Manage My Account. From the menu, choose Notifications. You can disable push notifications for a device by moving the slider to the left. You can also unselect the radio button for any notification that you would no longer like to receive. 

Where do I see in-app notifications?

In-app notifications can be found at the Dashboard when you log in to Prisidio. At the top navigation bar, you will see a bell with a bubble counter that indicates how many notifications you have. Select the bell to see your notifications.