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Relate documents, people, places, and things

How to link together items in the vault

What are related items?

Related items are the documents, people, places, and things within the vault that are linked together to provide more context for those items.

How do I relate items?

Begin by navigating to a document, person, place, or thing that you would like to relate to another item in the vault. Choose the Details tab. From the Related Items section, select the + Add Related Item link to open the modal allowing you to begin by choosing Related Documents, Related People, Related Places, or Related Things. Once you’ve selected a category, you will see the list of all the vault items from that category. Choose the radio button affiliated with each item you would like to link to your original item. Finally, select, Save to relate your items or Cancel to discard your selections. The selections will now appear under the Related Items section of your original item.

Where do I view related items in the vault?

Choose an item from the appropriate section of the vault. Select the Details tab at the top of the screen to view information about the item. The related items will appear below any notes that you may have. Easily view the related items by selecting them, or by choosing the three-dot symbol for the item and selecting Go to Item.

Can I remove a relationship between vault items?

Yes. Begin by choosing an item and then selecting the three-dot symbol for the item and selecting Remove. Return to the related items by choosing Cancel or Remove to eliminate the relationship between your vault items. Removing the relationship between items in the vault will not delete them.

Removing a document, person, place, or thing from the vault will also permanently remove any of the relationships that item had with other vault items. Remaining vault items will maintain any existing relationships.