Release vault

When a loved one passes away, we know the process of locating and navigating through their essential documents and information can be difficult. We recognize this challenge and offer a solution to help alleviate this burden on family, friends, or trusted advisors.

In the event of a Vault Owner’s passing, designated individuals (either a Co-Owner or Keyholder), can request the release of a Vault Owner’s vault. When a request is made, a detailed review process is initiated.

Vault Release Request

To request the release of a vault, a Co-Owner or Keyholder will need to log in to Prisidio and switch to the Vault Owner’s vault. This can be done by selecting the vault switcher drop down tool on the top navigation menu and choosing the vault they wish to have released. After switching vaults, note the blue banner that indicates either your Keyholder or Co-Owner status.

Select the gear icon on the top navigation menu. Under Vault Details, select the button to request the release of the vault. At the Request Vault Release modal, choose Request Release.

  • The requestor should be on the lookout for a confirmation email detailing the next steps in the vault release process. Please note that because of our thorough review process, the release of a vault may take up to two weeks.
  • Attempts will be made to contact the Vault Owner and any Co-Owner or Keyholder in the vault.
  • Once the review process has been completed, the vault will be released, and the requestor will gain view only access to everything in the vault.

Vault Release Request Rules

  • If a vault has a living Co-Owner, the vault can only be released to them.
  • If a vault has a Keyholder but no Co-Owner, the vault can be released to the Keyholder.
  • If a Vault Owner and Co-Owner have both passed away, the vault can be released to the Keyholder.
  • A proof of death will be required for the Vault Owner and/or the Co-Owner if applicable.

Vault Release Cancellation

If a vault release request is made in error, the request can be cancelled.

To cancel a request, a user can navigate to the Vault Settings section and select the View Details button. Selecting the red Cancel Request button will immediately halt the release process. If necessary, a vault release request can be made at a later date.

Vault Release Cancellation Rules

  • A Vault Owner, Co-Owner, or Keyholder can cancel any vault release request.
  • A new vault release request can be made at any time after a vault release request has been cancelled.