Remove people from a vault

How do I remove people currently in my vault?

Who can remove users from my vault?

Only Owners and Co-Owners can remove users from a vault.

What happens to vault items added by a removed user?

If a person in the vault has added items and then that person is later removed, any of the items they added will remain in the vault. If you would like to provide access to this person in the future, you will need to re-invite them to the vault.

How do I remove a person from my vault?

It is possible to remove a person from the vault by navigating to the People tab and choosing the card of the person you wish to remove. Select the icon in the upper-right corner and choose Remove from Vault. Confirm the action by choosing Remove, or Cancel to return to the People tab. Once you have removed someone from the vault, they will no longer have access to it.

Will I see a removed user in the People tab?

A user will remain on the People tab of the vault. If you would like to delete a user entirely from your vault, you need to first remove the user as described above. Once removed, you can then delete the user entirely by selecting the three-dot icon and choosing Delete. Confirm the action and you will no longer see the user in the People section. 

What is the difference between removing and deleting?

Removing a user from your vault means they no longer have access to or the ability to view items in the vault. Deleting a user removes that person from the People section entirely.

What will I see if I’ve been removed from a vault?

If you have been removed from someone’s vault you can still log in to Prisidio but will land on a page offering options to create your own vault.