Replace documents

The replace document feature allows you to replace an existing document with a newer version of that document, or a completely different document.

How do I replace a document?

To replace a document, browse to the Documents section in Prisidio. Select the document you wish to replace and then select the more icon. Choose Replace File. Confirm that you wish to replace the file and then select the new file.

Can I replace documents using the mobile app?

Yes. After choosing Replace File, you can replace your document from either your photo library, or by using the Scan Document feature.

What happens to the document that gets replaced?

Previous versions of your documents remain available to you for review. You can see all previous versions in the activity log for the document. This functionality is available only in our web application on your desktop or laptop device.

To see previous versions of your document, select the document in the Documents section. Click the Activity tab. Locate the log entry for the document replacement action. Click on the previous file link to access the version history for this document. The current document and all previous versions of the document will be available to you. Select the version you wish to review.

You can only see previous versions of your documents using our web application on your desktop or laptop device. Previous versions of documents cannot be viewed in the mobile app.

I had notes and reminders on my original document. Do I have to re-add them to the new document?

No. Any reminders, notes, or related items that were associated with the original document are transferred to the new document. In addition, anyone you shared the original document with, will continue to have access to the new document.