Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your account with multi-factor authentication.

What options do I have for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?    

To access your Prisidio vault you will need a unique code upon each login to confirm your identity. There are three types of MFA currently supported by Prisidio to ensure your identity.

  • Authentication apps from Google, Microsoft, Okta, and others provide a constantly changing, randomly generated 6-digit one time password (OTP). Each time you log in to Prisidio you will need to navigate to the app on your mobile phone and retrieve the 6-digit code. This is the most secure MFA option for protecting your Prisidio account.
  • A code can be sent to your mobile phone as a 6-digit one time password (OTP). Whenever you attempt to log into Prisidio, a text message will be sent to your phone with an OTP.
  • The Auth0 Guardian app will send a push notification each time you try and log in to Prisidio that you can either allow or deny on your mobile device.

How do I set up MFA for my Prisidio account?

While creating your Prisidio account, you will be prompted to choose one of three authenticator app options: Text Message, Mobile Authenticator App, and Auth0 Guardian.


Text Message

If you select the "Text Message" option, you will be prompted to enter a valid phone number. Once you’ve entered your phone number, select Next and then enter the code sent to your phone. While this is a supported option, Prisidio strongly recommends using one of the authentication app options for greater security.


Mobile Authenticator App

If you choose the "Mobile Authenticator App" option, you will need to have an authentication app installed on your phone. If you do not have an authentication app already installed, you can go to the app store for your device and install the app you wish to use. The authentication apps offered by Google, Microsoft, and Okta are some of the more popular apps being used today.

After choosing the option "Mobile Authenticator App", launch your authenticator app on your phone and scan the QR Code. Select the button to go to the next step and enter the code from your authentication app to complete the process.


Auth0 Guardian

If you select the "Auth0 Guardian" option, you will need to have the Auth0 Guardian app installed on your mobile device.

After choosing the option "Auth0 Guardian", launch Auth0 Guardian on your phone and scan the QR code. A notification will be sent to your phone. Locate the notification and choose to allow the connection to complete the process. Going forward, every time you log in to Prisidio, a push notification will be sent to your phone to authenticate.

Note that this QR code is different than the one provided under "Mobile Authenticator App" and only works with the Auth0 Guardian app.


If you attempt to enroll in multi-factor authentication on your iOS or Android device via the Prisidio mobile app or a mobile web browser, you will only be able to choose SMS as your MFA option.


When will OTP codes expire?

When using Google, Microsoft, Okta, or other Authenticator apps, the OTP will typically reset every 30 seconds. If the OTP expires before you finishing entering it, you will need to enter a newly generated OTP.

What if I don’t want to use multi-factor authentication?

You are required to configure multi-factor authentication to log in to Prisidio. It cannot be disabled. In addition, anyone who accepts an invitation to join your vault will also be required to configure multi-factor authentication as part of their setup process.