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Learn how to add reminders for items in your vault.

What are reminders?

Reminders allow you to be notified to complete various tasks in your vault. They can be created with either a custom date set by you or based on the expiration date of a document. A reminder can be set for each document, person, place, or thing in your vault. When you have created a reminder for a vault item, you will automatically receive a push notification and an email when the reminder is due. There are also in-app notifications that can be enabled, as well.

How do I enable reminders?

First, navigate to the vault item that you would like to create a reminder for. Then, below the Details section for that vault item you will see the Reminders section. Select the + Add Reminder link to open the modal.

In the top text box, provide a name for your reminder and then in the second box, choose a future date to be notified. From the third text box, select the frequency for your reminder to repeat. Currently you can choose Does not repeat, Monthly, Every 3 Months, Every 6 Months, or Once a year. In the fourth text box you can add an optional note for your reminder. When finished, choose Save to return to your vault item or Cancel to discard the reminder.


 The expiration date of a document can also be selected for the reminder date. Once an expiration date has been added to the details of a document, select either Custom Date or Expiration Date when adding a reminder. 


Who can enable a reminder in the vault?

Reminders can only be set by the vault owner or co-owner. Depending on the specific settings, only the vault owner or co-owner will be notified when a reminder is triggered within the vault. Reminder details are not visible to other vault members. Vault owners and co-owners can also edit and delete reminders

Where can I keep track of reminder activity?

Each vault item in your documents, people, places, and things can have multiple reminders set so having access to upcoming reminders is available as soon as you log in to the vault. The vault dashboard will display upcoming reminders above your recent activity log. Past due reminders will appear in red. When you select an active reminder from the list you will be taken to that vault item.

How will I be notified of my reminders?

When you create a reminder, you will automatically be enrolled to receive notifications when those reminders are due. To view or change the notification settings for your reminders first navigate to the Account Settings screen. Select the profile photo or initials in the upper-right corner of the vault and from the drop-down menu choose Manage My Account. Then, from the left side of the screen choose Notifications. For reminder notifications for your own vault, select Reminders under Notifications as a Vault Owner.

Select Reminders to open the drop-down menu that will allow you to choose how you would like to be notified. Choose Push notifications, Email, or both for your preferred notification type. Whenever you log in to your vault you will be prompted to any active reminders via the bell icon along the top of the screen. By default, push notification and email will be selected when you create a reminder.

What happens when I’m finished with a reminder?

Unless you mark a reminder as complete, you will continue to receive notifications for that specific reminder. To mark a reminder as complete, navigate to the vault item and identify the reminder. Select the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner. From the drop-down menu, select Mark Complete.