Add documents to a vault

How do I add documents to my vault?

From the Dashboard, navigate to the Documents screen. Select the + Add icon near the bottom right side of the screen. Choose your documents within the file selection modal to add to your vault. Select Save when you have chosen your documents. A progress bar will show when your documents have successfully been added. Please see the restrictions for file size and types allowed in the vault.

Documents with password protection, macros, or other special formatting will be unable to display a preview image.

What is the scan document feature in the Prisidio mobile app?

When adding documents to the vault via the Prisidio mobile app, you can create PDF files by scanning paper documents. Begin by choosing add document from either the dashboard or the Documents section of your vault. From the modal, select Scan Document. Allow the camera to capture each page of your document automatically or press the capture button on the bottom screen for each page. When you’ve scanned each page, choose Done Scanning at the bottom of the screen. Choose a filter to apply to your images – none, B&W, Color, and Photo. Provide a name for your document, and then choose Save. The app will now compile each image into a PDF and add it to Documents where you can add and edit details, share it to others, set up reminders and notifications, and relate it to other items in the vault.

What information can I add about my documents?

Once you’ve added documents to your vault, you can add or change information for each document to help add important context. From the Documents tab, select the specific document you’d like to either add or change the details. From the top of the screen, choose the Details section. In the bottom right corner, select the Edit button. From this screen you can change the name of your document as well as add an expiration date. When you have finished, choose Save to update the information, or Cancel to return to the document information screen.

Can I change the details of my document?

Yes! Set the document details when you first upload the document, or once added to your vault, select the document you wish to change the details of by clicking or pressing on the document. Rename the document, add or remove a note, and add or remove categories for your document. When finished, choose either Cancel to discard your changes, or Save.

How do I sort my documents?

Sorting your documents can be accomplished based on several criteria. From your mobile device, begin by selecting the View Options button on the bottom right of the screen, above the + Add button. From the options menu, choose to sort by Document Name, Recently Added, File Type, or File Size. When you have made your selection, choose Apply to view your sorted documents, or Cancel to return to your documents. If you are browsing documents from the web, you can sort by choosing the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner. By default, documents are sorted by Document Name, but you can also select Recently Added, File Type, and File Size.

Where do I add documents from an iOS device?

Prisidio currently supports adding documents from iOS devices via the “Share to” functionality. From your iOS device, navigate to the document you would like to add to the vault. Select the documents that you would like to add, limited to 5 at a single time.  

Once selected, choose the Prisidio shield logo to add the selected documents to the vault.

If you are currently logged in to the vault you will see a screen with the upload progress of your documents. If you are not currently logged in, you will be prompted to log in to the vault to finish the process of adding the documents. Once complete, your documents will now be available in the Documents section.