Prisidio was designed to not only protect your sensitive information during your lifetime but also to address the intricate difficulties that arise for your loved ones, or trusted advisors, when navigating the aftermath of your loss. 

When an individual passes away, loved ones are often faced with the daunting task of identifying and locating important information, ranging from legal documents to cherished memories. This process can be emotionally taxing but also logistically challenging. That’s why we’ve developed a solution to allow a designated Keyholder, or a Co-Owner, the ability to request to have the contents of your vault released to them in the event of your passing.


Prisidio allows you to proactively designate a “Keyholder” for your vault. A Keyholder has the ability to trigger a process by which the contents of your vault are released to them. This solution helps ensure an organized transfer of vital information to trusted loved ones during an emotional and difficult time. 

A vault can have only one Keyholder.

Who can be a Keyholder?

A Vault Owner can designate any participant in their vault to be a Keyholder. The Keyholder section under Vault Settings will display a list of vault participants that can be selected to be a Keyholder. Only activated accounts that have accepted an invitation to join your vault will be shown.

To add people to the Keyholder list, a Vault Owner can invite people to their vault from the People section. Once those people have accepted an invitation to join your vault and create a free Prisidio account, they will appear in the list of people you can pick from when selecting your Keyholder. 

To see the Vault Settings, select the gear icon on the top navigation menu.

Adding a Keyholder 

To add a Keyholder to your vault, navigate to the Keyholder section by selecting the gear icon on the top navigation menu, choose the Keyholder menu item, and select the vault participant you wish to be made a Keyholder.  

You will be required to add your phone number as a part of this process. This is necessary to contact you if there is ever a question regarding the custody of your vault. 

An email invitation will then be sent to the selected user. To accept the invite, the user will need to log in to Prisidio and accept the invite in the blue banner on their Dashboard. As a part of accepting the Keyholder invitation, they will be required to add their phone number. This is necessary to contact them if there is ever a question regarding the custody of the Vault Owner’s vault.

What can a Keyholder do? 

When someone accepts an invitation to be a Keyholder, no additional vault permissions are gained. In addition, a Keyholder gains no additional access to any of your items. The only additional capability is that the Keyholder can request to have a vault released to them. 

If a vault is released to the Keyholder, they will be given view only access to everything in your vault for a limited time. 

It is not necessary to grant the Keyholder access to any of your items; meaning, you could add someone to your vault, not share any items with them, and make them a Keyholder. If the vault is ever released to the Keyholder, the Keyholder will automatically be given view only access to all items in the vault.

As the Keyholder: 

  • You can request the vault to be released should the Vault Owner pass away. 
  • You may be contacted via email and phone by our Support Team to confirm the request to release the vault. 
  • You may be asked to sign a form that will authorize Prisidio to release the vault.


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