Share with Others!

Learn how to share items in your vault with other people.

Allowing others into your vault

Prisidio allows you to add people to your vault and share your items with them. You can add someone as a contact only or, you can invite them as a vault participant that can view the documents, people, places, and things that you have shared with them. Contacts only become vault participants when they accept an invitation you've sent them.

What can people in your vault see and do?

Once someone has accepted an invitation to join your vault, you will need to share with them the documents, places, and things that you want them to have access to. By default, someone invited to your vault has no access to any of your items.

You also have the ability to grant permissions to your vault participants. You can control their ability to add, edit, or delete any of your items. For more information, read our article on permissions.

How do I share something in my vault?

Once someone has been invited to your vault, you can choose to share with them any of your documents, people, places, and things. There are two different ways to share an item. The first is by navigating to an item, selecting it, and choose the Sharing tab. There you will see a list of your vault contacts and participants. Choose the radio button for the person you want to share the item with. They will now be able to see the item and any associated details.

The second way is to navigate to the People section, and then choose the individual you want to share items with. You can only share with people that you've invited to your vault. The blue banner present on the individuals "person card" indicates an invited status. Pick the person you wish to share with and select the Sharing tab. Select the radio buttons for each item you want to share with that participant.

How do I stop sharing?

You can stop sharing an item by navigating to the participant’s contact card in the People section and unselect each item you no longer wish to share. You can also stop sharing an item by navigating to the specific document, person, place, or thing, and from the Sharing tab for that item, unselect any people you wish. Once unselected, the user will no longer be able to see the item.

Can a vault participant share items in the vault?

By default, only the vault Owner and Co-Owner can share your items within your vault.