Add people to a vault

You can add and invite your must trusted people to your vault. Once they've been invited, you can share any of your most important information with them.

You can add anyone to your vault at any time. Adding a person to your vault allows you to add their contact information as well as any important information about that person.

If you wish, you can also invite someone you've added, to your vault. Once they've been invited, you can share any of your vault items with them. When you invite someone to your vault, they will be required to accept your invitation and create a free Prisidio account in order to see what you've shared with them.

How do I add people to my vault?

To add people to your vault, you will first need to navigate to the People tab and select the + Add button. Provide a first and last name and specify a relationship in the text boxes. Choose Save when the information has been entered correctly. 


From the Prisidio app on your mobile device, you can add a person to the vault from your device Contacts. Choose any +person icon to view your mobile device contacts. Select the contact you wish to add to your vault.


How do I invite people to my vault?

Inviting someone to your vault allows you to share any of your vault items with them. Choose the person you wish to invite to your vault and select Invite to Vault. Enter their email address and send the invitation. Once that person has accepted your invitation, they will be required to create a free account.

For security purposes the invitation will expire in 10 days.

After your invitation has been accepted and free account created, they can log in to Prisidio and then use the vault switcher tool at the top of the application and switch to your vault.


When someone accepts an invitation to your vault, they will need to click through the email invitation and create their own Prisidio account. This account will always be free for invited users.

What can people in the vault see and do?

Once someone has accepted your invitation, you will need to provide them with access to any documents, people, places, and things that you want them to be able to see. By default, they have no access to anything in your vault.

You can also give them additional permissions that allow them to add, edit, or delete any items that have been added to your vault. For more information regarding permissions, please review the linked article.

Can I resend or cancel a pending invitation to someone?

Yes, vault owners and co-owners of a vault can cancel an invitation while it is pending. If an invitation has already been accepted, that person will need to be removed from the vault.

Navigate to the person whose invitation you wish to modify, select the More icon and then choose to resend or cancel your invitation. 

Invitations are valid for 10 days. If you have invited someone to your vault and they have not accepted the invitation in that time, you will need to resend an invitation.