Add people to a vault

Learn how to add people to a vault

How do I add people to the vault?

 To add people to the vault, you will first need to navigate to the People tab and in the bottom-right corner choose the + Add button. Provide a first and last name and specify a relationship in the text boxes. Choose Save when the information has been entered correctly. 

From the Prisidio app on your mobile device, you can add a person to the vault from your device Contacts. Choose the + contact icon in the first or last name text boxes to view your mobile device contacts. Select the contact to bring their information into the vault.


How do I invite people to the vault?

While adding a person you can also invite them to share within the vault. Select the Invite this person to my Vault radio button to enter an email address for your person. Choose Save and Invite to send an invitation to this person. You will notice a pending status on that person’s information card. Once the person has accepted the invitation, an icon will display a confirmation they have accepted. At any point you can return to a person that has not been invited and proceed with inviting them into your vault. 

While someone is still in a pending status, the vault owner or co-owner can resend the vault invitation to that person.

What can people in the vault see and do?

Once someone has been added to the vault and accepted your invitation, you will need to provide them with access to the documents, people, places, and things that you want them to be able to see. They also can add and then view documents, people, places, and things to the vault.

Can I resend or cancel a pending invitation to someone?

Yes, vault owners and co-owners of a vault can cancel an invitation while it is pending. If an invitation has already been accepted, that person will need to be removed from the vault. Navigate to the person’s card under People and select the three-dot icon in the upper-left corner. From there you can Edit Profile, Resend Invite, or Cancel Invite

Continue to cancel the invitation by selecting Cancel Invite or Keep Invite to return to the person’s contact card. 

Invitations are valid for 10 days. If you have invited someone to your vault and they have not accepted the invitation in that time, you will need to resend an invitation.