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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Prisidio.

Does Prisidio offer a free trial?

Yes! Follow this link to create your account with a free 14-day trial period. Once the trial period is over you will need to purchase a plan to continue using Prisidio.

What is the cost of a Prisidio vault?

A Prisidio vault currently has two subscription options, a monthly plan, and an annual plan. The monthly plan is $11.99 per month, and the annual plan is $119.88 per year. See more information on plans here.

Will people invited to my vault be charged a fee?

No! Anyone that accepts an invitation to your vault can create a free account to access anything that you share with them. If they wish to have their own vault, the invited user will need to upgrade their account to a paid plan.

What is the storage limit of a vault?

Vaults are limited to 100 GB of storage.

Does Prisidio have a monthly/annual subscription?

Prisidio offers both monthly and annual subscription plans.

How do I change my password?

Once you’ve logged into your vault, you can change your password from the Login and Security page. For more information on changing your password, see our article here.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can only cancel your subscription using a web browser on a desktop/laptop device. You cannot manage your subscription through our mobile application.

Log into your vault, select your avatar or initials at the top right and choose Manage My Account. Under Plan and Billing click on the Manage Billing Information button to view your plan. Select Cancel plan and Cancel plan again. Once completed, you will no longer be billed at the end of the current billing cycle.

What MFA apps are supported?

Prisidio supports many 3rd party authentication apps. We specifically recommend Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Auth0 Guardian. SMS messaging is also supported, but we recommend an authenticator app for increased security. For more information on Multi-Factor Authentication follow the link to our Knowledge Base.

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your Prisidio subscription, you will have access to all the data within your vault until the expiration of your current billing cycle. Your account will eventually be deactivated and then ultimately deleted. Be sure to download any documents you wish to keep!