Native sharing on mobile

This functionality allows you to share any items in Documents to other applications on your iOS or Android device.

How do I use the native share function to share documents out of Prisidio?

To natively share documents, select a document that you have access to and press the share icon on your mobile device. The icon will be in the top right corner, near the 3-dot menu. The icons for iOS and Android are different.

You can use the native sharing function to share files in the Documents section of Prisidio and also any photo or video that you've added to an item in People, Places or Things.

Once selected, click Continue if prompted by the sharing disclaimer modal. This modal will only appear once per login session; meaning, each time you log in to Prisidio, you will be prompted by the sharing disclaimer only the first time you try to share.

Choose the application you wish to share your document with. The applications presented to you here are given to you by the device’s operating system. They could include an email program, chat platform, document storage application or other applications you have installed on your device. You can also choose one of the native operating system options available to you such as copy, save to files, print or email.


Can I share any photos or videos that I've applied to an item?

Yes. If you've applied a photo or video to any of your items, you can use the native sharing capability here as well. Simply select the parent item under People, Places or Things and then go to Details. Then select the photo or video you wish to share, locate the native share icon in the top right corner, and then choose a sharing option.


Who can share files natively?

Any Prisidio account can share any document they have access to. For example, the vault owner can share any documents they own in the app. A co-owner in that vault could share any of those same documents and an invited user in the same vault could share any documents they’ve been given access to.

All sharing actions are logged in the documents activity log as well as the activity history for the vault.


Are there other ways to share documents?

Yes, there are multiple ways to share documents. You could choose to email documents out of Prisidio, or you can invite someone to your vault and grant them access to any items you wish to share with them.